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The New Jersey Department of Transportation reports statewide total crashes reached 276,861 in 2019 alone. However, when a car accident happens, arguably the most important question both parties ask is who’s responsible for the damage. Determining who’s at fault is a daunting yet essential task, as it plays a major role in your ability to get the damages covered. Here’s a brief guide that helps you determine the guilty party and what you should do after an accident.


What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Undoubtedly, car accidents happen in a matter of seconds and take you completely off guard. However, it’s essential to know beforehand what steps you should take in such a situation.

  • If you are conscious, call the police and inform them about the location of the accident. The police will call the ambulance, but remember that an ambulance usually takes a few minutes to reach the spot.
  • During that time, consult the responsible driver for their insurance information and click a few pictures of the accident scene.
  • Next, look for witnesses, and if any, take their contact information so they can help you out in the following stages.
  • Once you’ve gotten the required medical treatment, ask the doctor to provide you with all the documentation. Ensure you have everything related to the injuries and their extent to strengthen your claim.


What is PIP Under New Jersey No-Fault Insurance Law?

In New Jersey, drivers are required to purchase Personal Injury Protection as part of their insurance package. As New Jersey has no-fault law, this PIP covers the driver’s lost income, car accident, and medical bills. So, if you have gotten into an accident, you can use PIP to cover some minor damages.

But if the damages are severe, there are high chances that your insurance may not cover everything. Therefore, you can sue the opposite party and claim damages to cover the harm you’ve endured. The two things that you need to do in this regard are:

  • Prove your injuries
  • Prove fault

You will need a car accident lawyer to successfully get compensation for the loss.


Factors that help in Determining the Fault in an Accident

Here are the factors that help in the determination of fault in an accident:


1. Police Report 

You may not know this, but a police report dramatically helps find who’s at fault in a car accident. The report contains information such as the vehicle’s condition, witnesses’ contacts, and whether the responsible driver was issued any traffic offense notice. If these things go in your favor, your case becomes stronger.


2. Witnesses

The next thing that proves to be helpful is the statement of the witnesses that shed light on different things. For instance, they share the mechanics of the road, the vehicle’s condition, the conduct of both parties, injuries sustained, etc.


3. No-Doubt Liability

Another way to know who’s at fault is with no-doubt liability. This happens when there’s evidence that the driver is almost 99 percent at fault. Here are the types of no-doubt liabilities:

  • Left Turn Accident No-Doubt Liability: In this, the driver usually takes a left turn and causes an accident hitting the vehicle coming from the other direction.
  • Rear End Collision No-Doubt Liability: This happens when a car behind hits the rear of your vehicle resulting in damage or accident. Additionally, this shows the guilty party wasn’t following the basic rule of keeping enough space between vehicles to avoid mishaps.


4. Pictures and Videos 

Pictures and videos also assist in finding more about the damage caused to vehicles, injuries incurred by both parties, and driving patterns. Moreover, it also gives a better insight into who was at fault.

A car accident lawyer looks at the factors mentioned above when determining the fault in an accident.



New Jersey laws and car accident claim procedures are quite complex. So, to ensure you easily deal with all the complex legal frameworks, you should definitely hire Raffi T. Khorozian.

We are affordable and perfectly understand the complexities of New Jersey laws. In addition, we have helped thousands of innocent victims to get their rights. When it comes to fighting your legal battle better, there’s no better option than us. Contact us now to discuss your issue, and leave the rest to us!


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