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Uber drivers are not its employees but operate as independent contractors. That’s why accidents involving ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft can give rise to multiple legal complexities.

Whether you’re a driver, passenger, or pedestrian being a victim of an accident, you must understand how to get over the unfortunate event.

You might be asking yourself, can Uber’s involvement in any accident affect your claim? If yes, what would be the outcome in New Jersey or New York?

No worries; we have summarized everything for you in an easy-to-understand way. Let’s delve into it;


Insurance Issues that Happen in Accidents Involving Uber 

Uber has set a few requirements for Uber drivers that mentions that the vehicles shouldn’t be very old and have no cosmetic damage. Moreover, they also ask drivers to maintain their insurance policy according to local and state laws. If you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, a few constraints may get in the way of your claim. The real problem was that Uber drivers were considered contractors and not employees.

Resultantly, when any accident happened, the company used to get away from the responsibility and not make up for the claim. Not only this, but it also got difficult to determine who was actually at fault in the accident. However, now New Jersey has introduced laws that resolve this confusion. There are a few things that one should consider when involved in an accident with Uber to ensure whether they can file the claim or not.


What are the Claim and Insurance Situations When You Get into an Accident with Uber?

Here are a few things that are taken into account when identifying the fault and claim for the accident:


    1. App is Off 

If you get into an accident when the Uber driver isn’t active on the app, they are treated like any typical road accident and motorist. The company claims that the driver wasn’t working during that time and hence they aren’t responsible for taking up the claim. Therefore, the driver’s personal car insurance policy applies here that provides necessary compensation to you for your health, vehicle, or any other potential loss.


   2. The Driver is Idle 

Usually, Uber and Lyft drivers spend a significant amount of their time idling when they are active on the app but not carrying any passengers. When a driver gets into a car accident in such a situation, both the driver’s insurance policy and Uber insurance are applicable. Uber insurance provides $50,000 to the driver to cover vehicle loss and injuries. Not only this, but if the driver’s personal insurance is exhausted, Uber will cover a total of $100,000.


   3. With a Passenger

Uber insurance will cover $1.5 million for injuries, death, or property damage if the driver is carrying a passenger and an accident happens. Whether you were a passenger in Uber when the incident happened or traveling in the opposite vehicle that sustained damages, this insurance will cover everything.



The accidents involving Uber or any ridesharing service differ from typical car accidents. So, if you’ve been a part of such accidents, you can consult a lawyer to file the claim. Raffi T. Khorozian is the best in this regard, as we have been in the law field since 1993. Until now, we have solved hundreds of New Jersey and New York Uber and ridesharing accident cases.

The best part about getting in touch with us is that we are affordable and ensure your rights stay secure during the claim process. So, don’t wait and contact us now to make the legal proceedings hassle-free!


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