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Car accidents are devastating and may seriously impact one’s life. After a personal injury incident, the plaintiffs can sue the liable person for financial losses. But the first question that may pop up is what the average settlement looks like in New Jersey. Although NJ is a no-fault state, you can file a settlement lawsuit to maximize the compensation. But the value of your case depends on several factors.  Moreover, a car accident lawyer can assist you in navigating the whole process. Let’s get into the details of how much you’ll receive in car accident injuries.

Factors that Affect Average Settlements in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are different ways of insurance coverage, and each case is unique. So, it is quite challenging to pin down the average indemnity you receive for your personal injury. But there are several elements that can affect your average compensation. 

Severity and Types of Injuries

In New Jersey, the compensation you receive depends on the damage caused by accidents. You’ll procure less indemnity for pain and suffering if you have minor cuts, whiplash, or bruises. Just like that, if the severity of your personal injury is immense, you will recompense much. For example, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or traumatic brain suffering.

Cost of Medical Treatment

To get fair compensation, the insurance adjusters consider medical costs to have a deep consensus about settlement amounts. The redress will be higher if the injured party needs extensive medical help like surgery or hospitalization. You can also hire an attorney that protects your legal rights and may help maximize compensation value.

Lost Wages

If the injured plaintiff is unable to work due to his injuries, the settlement also includes the amount for lost wages. It is crucial in those cases where the victim is the only one responsible for earning income. To acquire recompense, you need to submit your medical documents to insurance companies to prove that your injuries halt you from working.

NJ Insurance Policies

The insurance policies also affect how much you gain from settlements. As we have discussed earlier, NJ is a no-fault state. According to the law, if you have an accident in NJ, you need to first redress the financial losses from your own insurance company instead of the driver at fault. But if your injuries are permanent or intense, you can sue an at-fault driver to acquire additional compensation.

How does a Car Accident Lawyer help to Maximize Compensation?

Hiring a reliable attorney helps you to get the most out of your claim. Without outweighing your time and efforts, a car accident lawyer can enhance your chances of receiving fair compensation. But how? The legal prosecutor thoroughly investigates the accident case and gathers the legit evidence to determine the liability.  Through his legal team, he can calculate the full extent of damages. He can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf or file a lawsuit for trial. So, to get the right legal advice and assistance, you need to hire a reliable attorney.


In short, if you have been injured in a car accident in NJ, you need to consider various factors before estimating your average settlement. Also, with an experienced attorney, you can maximize compensation to cover your losses. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer to uphold your legal rights, connect with Raffi T. Khorozian’s law office We have a committed legal team that helps you to acquire greater compensation. Having years of experience in handling cases of automobile accidents in New Jersey, we assure you to fight for your legal rights. So, why wait? Let us fight for you.

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