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Navigating the legal landscape after a car accident is often a daunting task, especially when pre-existing injuries come into play. The Law Offices of Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. understands the intricacies of these situations and is dedicated to shedding light on the Impact of pre-existing Injuries on car accident claims.

Understanding Pre-existing Injuries:

Pre-existing injuries refer to medical conditions or physical ailments that existed before the car accident occurred. These could range from chronic back pain and arthritis to previous surgeries or lingering injuries from past accidents. One common misconception is that individuals with pre-existing injuries cannot pursue compensation for new injuries sustained in a car accident. However, the legal reality is more nuanced.

The Complexity of Establishing Causation:

One of the key challenges in car accident claims involving pre-existing injuries is establishing a clear link between the accident and the exacerbation or aggravation of those pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies often argue that the claimant’s injuries were pre-existing and unrelated to the recent accident, aiming to minimize their liability.

The Eggshell Plaintiff Doctrine:

In legal terms, the Eggshell Plaintiff Doctrine comes into play when dealing with individuals who are more susceptible to injuries due to their pre-existing conditions. This doctrine asserts that the at-fault party is liable for the full extent of the damages, even if the injured party’s vulnerability was unknown to them. The Law Offices of Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. can help clients understand how this doctrine may apply to their specific case.

Proving Exacerbation or Aggravation:

Successfully navigating a car accident claim involving pre-existing injuries often requires thorough documentation and expert testimony. Medical records, diagnostic tests, and expert opinions can play a crucial role in establishing the connection between the accident and the exacerbation or aggravation of pre-existing injuries. The legal team at Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. has experience in building strong cases that address these complexities.

Challenges in Negotiations:

Insurance companies may use pre-existing injuries as leverage during negotiations, attempting to minimize the compensation offered to the injured party. Having a skilled attorney on your side is essential to counter these tactics. Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. is well-versed in negotiating with insurance companies and fighting for fair compensation, taking into account the impact of pre-existing injuries.

Courtroom Strategies:

In cases where negotiations fail to yield a satisfactory outcome, the legal team at Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. is prepared to take the matter to court. Presenting a compelling case that clearly establishes the connection between the accident and the worsening of pre-existing injuries is crucial in securing a favorable judgment.


Car accident claims involving pre-existing injuries are undeniably complex, requiring a thorough understanding of the law and strategic legal approaches. The Law Offices of Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. is committed to guiding clients through this complexity, ensuring that their rights are protected, and they receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one is dealing with the impact of pre-existing injuries in a car accident claim, reach out to Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. for experienced and dedicated legal representation.

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Pre-existing Injuries on Car Accident Claims

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