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Plaintiffs file lawsuits against at-fault parties to recover compensation for their losses or injuries. However, plaintiffs need to know what damages they are eligible for and how the compensation will work for claims.

Otherwise, insurance companies might push you towards ineffective settlement instead of filing a claim. Let’s discuss how compensations work, what are types of claimable accident damages and to file a lawsuit effectively.


How does the Compensation Work in a Car Accident?

Car accident victims who suffer personal injuries in a car accident may be able to file a compensation claim for their injuries. The compensation amount you receive from the court is known as damages.

Compensation is broken into different parts, and each part appraises what the injured party has already lost, how much the victim suffered, and what the person will suffer in the future. To further elaborate, let’s discuss the types of car accident damages a victim can claim.


The 5 Common Types of Car Accident Damages a Victim can Claim


Here, we have summarized a total of 5 common car accident claims a victim should know before taking legal action!


1. Property Damage

It includes damages to the vehicle or any other personal property damaged in the accident. It’s usually measured by the on-site pictures of the victim’s car, eyewitness statements, and receipts of car repair.


2. Lost Wage Damages

If the accident caused the victim to miss work and lose income, they might be able to claim lost wages as damages. For instance, in an unfortunate event, if the victim has been temporarily or permanently disabled, then the at-fault party would cover those losses.

These are pretty complex to calculate as disability level, life expectancy, and other factors play a vital role. Seeking help from an experienced lawyer can make things easier for you.


3. Medical Expenses

These include all the costs associated with medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. Such as

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Medical aid devices
  • Physical therapy

There’s one thing to mention medical expenses also cover future costs of the potential treatments.


4. Loss Of Consortium

If the accident caused a loss of companionship or support for the victim’s spouse, they could also file a claim under consortium damages. However, this claim is dependent upon the victim’s personal injury claim. If that prevails, the spouse is also likely to get compensation.


5. Pain & Suffering Damages

This damage compensates the victim for the physical and emotional pain and suffering resulting from the accident. These non-economic sufferings can include;

  • Effect on quality of life
  • Emotional damage
  • Loss of companionship

Or any physical mutilation. These are usually hard to calculate and can vary depending on the lawyer’s efforts.

Also, check for types of car accidents and how they can affect your claims.


File A Personal Injury Lawsuit With A Professional Lawyer


You can hire a car accident lawyer to help you determine the possible damages claims you should get in the legal facility. If an accident has caused injuries to you and you believe that someone else is at fault, you must file an effective claim.

If you and your lawyer decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, the next step will be to negotiate a settlement with the other party (or their insurance company). The case may go to trial if you cannot settle. Must remember, insurance companies always try to look for their profits. That’s why you need a professional car accident lawyer who can fight on your end.



Look for an experienced car accident lawyer who has previously handled cases similar to yours. Also, get medical attention first if you face any personal injury. Plus, create a record of your car damage, which can be substantial evidence in filing a claim for your car damages. The whole process works seamlessly only if the accident victims have the right knowledge about the damages they can claim.

Just discuss your case with us. Our experienced team at The Law Offices of Raffi T. Khorozian P.C. will facilitate you at every front so you can secure a decent amount without losing much of your much-needed compensation.

Contact Raffi T. Khorozian to make sure that you get the money you deserve when you are wrongfully injured.


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Damages in Car Accident Claims

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